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PVC Raincoats and rain ponchos products:

PVC raincoats:

We can made adult pvc raincoats, children's PVC raincoats, child PVC bib, child pvc bibs, Produce more than 5000 pcs pvc raincoats per day for you...

The PVC child bib made from PVC materials, welcomed by children while they are painting, play, eating,...

8 years to do Dinsey Children raincoats and rain ponchos, so can ensure to supply you raincoat in good quality, and can be passed many test of phthalate, AZO, Cadmium, and other heavy metals...

PVC rain ponchos:

The most welcomed for promotional and advertisementl used, can printing your logo on the back side of the PVC rain ponchos or the front side of the PVC rain ponchos.

The size of the PVC rain ponchos: 34"*50",42"*60",45"*72",50"*80",52"*80",52"*90", Buyer's Specification available.

The thickness of the PVC raincoats and PVC rain ponchos: 0.10mm,0.12mm,0.18mm,...0.25mm,0.30mm, customers' request thickness available.

PVC Raincoats Size: From Children to Adult, Buyer's specification available.

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