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Emergency rain poncho and Disposable rain poncho:

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PE Emergency rain poncho(PE Disposable poncho):
Hood of the disposable poncho Standard hood or Drawing String Hood
Side of the disposable poncho Welding size for waterproof
Size of the emergency poncho Adult: 50"*80"; 52"*80", 52"*90",Other size according buyer available Children:30"*50",42"*60",45"*72", Other size according buyer available
PE Thickness of the disposable poncho 0.015MM, 0.02MM, 0.025MM, 0.03MM
Color of the disposable poncho Clear, whilte, black, yellow, orange, red...Matched to Pantone colors.
Packing of the emergency poncho Individually packed into small pouch, packing size small than 16*10cm.

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emergency PE poncho color emergency rain poncho emergency poncho
Normal Color of PE Poncho
PE rain poncho-001
PE rain poncho-002
disposable rain poncho emergency ponchos disposable ponchos
PE rain poncho-003
PE rain poncho-005
PE rain poncho-006
emergency rain ponchos disposable rain ponchos disposable rain ponchos
PE rain poncho-007
PE rain poncho-008
PE rain poncho-009
emergency rain ponchos PE rain poncho pe rain ponchos
PE rain poncho-010
PE rain poncho-011
PE rain poncho-012

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